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Live Inferno

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  • The two live CD’s that you get with this boxset are two of the best live metal albums I have ever heard. They easily surpass “Emperial Live Ceremony” in terms of setlist, sound quality and overall badassedness.

    Emperor played these two shows to near perfection, and the production value is at a very high level. Although it is not perfect, the audio quality is above par for live metal shows, it is a bit too bright, the double-bass was slightly muddled in the midst of the crowd screaming and the guitars wailing.

    The DVD is nothing to write home about. It’s good picture quality and is a solid addition to the boxset, as it is always good to see these guys performing in any fashion. But it’s a little bare bones, I would have liked to have seen a few more shows added to the DVD, or perhaps some behind the scenes stuff. In the end what matters is the music on the CD’s, and if you are looking at this, you know what you are getting: one of the best metal bands of all time playing two massive open-air concerts featuring their biggest songs…this one does not disappoint.

    Posted on January 8, 2010