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Live Inferno

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  • Emperor! Live at Inferno Fest! In a DVD case! Containing the following!!:

    1) CD: Emperor Live at Inferno Festival 2006
    2) CD: Emperor Live at Wacken 2006
    3) DVD: Emperor Live at Wacken 2006

    …Now I’m no rocket scientist or nothing but the contents of this add up to “Live Wacken”, not “Live Inferno”.

    This was unfortunately released on the same freaking date that they released the “Live Inferno” LP, “Live Inferno” CD, “Live at Wacken” LP and “Live at Wacken” DVD. Amidst the following, would it not be plausible thinking that this would contain Inferno footage (outside of the laughably unwatchable “bonus” footage)? Apparently not.

    Emperor is indeed the best freaking black metal band in existence, even after their demise and 2 sub-par albums. No band has ever created music so divine (their second album was aptly titled, to be on topic). But Candlelight Records is notorious for whoring worthless merch out en-mass (a la Emperor Bubble Jackets and Emperor Backpacks etc).

    And with that in mind, buy this knowing you’re buying “Live Wacken” to expect a 5 star product. Expect “Live Inferno” and recieve an empty DVD case.

    Posted on January 8, 2010