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Live Inferno

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  • This review isn’t needed for Emperor fans. We all knew it was going to be great, and it was. If you don’t know much about Emperor just know that they grabbed the black metal genre by the balls and made it their own! This will more than likely be the final release they ever put out (since they have “officially” disbanded, but we’ll see if that actually lasts).

    My only real complaint is with the “book” that was included. It was really just a collection of photos with a random Emperor lyric laid over some of the pages. I was expecting some info, a little story, something. But it doesn’t matter, the DVD and the two CDs are worth the price. Plus the concert footage is in widescreen! I could never stand full screen in the first place, but especially now with the advancements in technology.

    Posted on January 8, 2010