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Live Killers

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  • 4 1/2 stars!!!Queen Live Killers is perhaps the best Queen live album, for those fans who prefer Queen in their pre-synth years (Jazz and earlier). The band was not at their heaviest during this tour, but still rocked with many interesting selections for their sets, like Death On Two Legs, Brighton Rock, Keep Yourself Alive, and Don’t Stop Me Now. This album is a bit of a curiosity, as the band has never admitted where each particular track had been recorded. It’s rumoured through the examination of Bootleg recordings that many of the tracks were pieced together from various recordings on the tour. For example, the first half of Get Down Make Love appears to have been recorded at one concert, yet the second half of the song shows all the hallmarks for a version that was recorded in a different country. This seems apparent with many of the songs. Strangely enough, with so much intricate editing taking place, it’s strange that the producer wouldn’t have segued audience noises between all the tracks. There’s some distracting moments, where Freddie’s foul comment is bleeped out (I’ve heard the boot of this, and Freddie says alot more that those bleeps fill–so why not splice this as they had the songs?There are some killer versions of many Queen songs, but it’s also evident that the band cleaned up their act in the studio–I’ve heard dozens of Queen live recordings and never have they played this tightly, this clean. Of course, this is no distraction to the power of the songs here. Queen is by far one the greatest rock bands ever, and it shows in these recordings. Like Led Zeppelin, Queen didn’t film or record many concerts during their illustrious career, so we have to make adieu with what we have, and Killers is no bad offering. It’s be nice if these tapes were put back together in their entirety…Queen, for some reason, edited the hell out of their recordings–we’ve never been treated to a full Queen show until the most recent DVD release of Live at Wembly…but, LAW is not the same Queen from the 70’s and 80’s. This classic pre-Jazz Queen is the band many love the most. Live Killers is an apropo way to experience the band from this time, although we can all keep our fingers crossed for some more complete recordings of the day.

    Posted on January 25, 2010