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Live: Omaha to Osaka

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  • ‘So what’s there to do in Ohmaha?”Nothing? OK a whole lot of nothing!’So goes some of the banter on L7’s live show in both Omaha and Osaka. I love L7, and really love them live (I’ve seen them three times), but the fans deserved better than this.I love Live, raw rock at it’s finest and you can tell there was no over-dubbing in the studio, but the recording is so amateur. You would swear someone was taping this in the crowd with a tape recorder ala 80’s style.The song set is great, but L7 always ends their show with ‘Pretend we’re Dead’, which isn’t here. I thought also they might sneak in ‘I would walk 5000 miles, and I would walk 5000 more’. They do that song as a joke for every show I’ve seen them at.Oh well, it’s L7 and if you’re a fan, you just gotta have it. Rock on.

    Posted on January 20, 2010