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Live on Earth

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  • UFO is one of the best and most prolific rock bands ever. However, with such a vast music repertoire, why is it that they keep on playing the same live playlist over and over?

    To be honest, the only extraordinary thing about the entire four CD package herein presented is CD #3 (live in Cleveland, July 1977). Despite the really bad sound quality, the inclusion of a great live version of Lights Out’s “Getting Ready” is worth the entire purchase. Every other song in all four CDs has been offered countless times through many official and un-official releases.

    NOTE: The CD label mistakenly indicates that Michael Schenker plays in all discs. But in fact, Paul Chapman is actually the guitarist in Disc #3. It must have been during one of those Schenker’s dissapearences where good ole Tonka had to step in to help (I’d thought Schenker started to dissapear during the Obsession tour, but this proves it happened even earlier!).

    Chapman is a great guitarist in his own right, although very different from Schenker. I wish Michael shoulda been humble enough sometimes to play some of the Chapman-era UFO songs live, but I guess he’s just too arrogant to accept it… and the rest of the band too weak to even suggest it.

    Hopefully, with new guitarist Vinnie Moore we would be able to listen to those all great UFO-Schenker unheard live classics (Just Another Suicide, I Ain’t No Baby, Highway Lady, Try Me, Long Lost Love, etc.), but also Paul Chapman’s. I can’t wait to get a hold on a live UFO CD that would also include songs like Lettin’ Go, Lone Gone, The Wild The Willing and the Innocent, Young Blood, This Fire Burns Tonight, The Writer, Doing it all for You, Diesel in the Dust, et al. I would pay any price to buy such a CD. Unfortunately, no such songs were played during the You Are Here Tour playlist in the US (with the exception of “Pack It Up (And Go)” and “Profession of Violence” -very rarely)… thus I’m very disappointed.

    Posted on January 18, 2010