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Live on Earth

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  • Recorded in January 1998, the 16 tracks are from a Vienna, Austria, concert and showcases a band that can still sizzle in concert and breathe extraordinary life into older material that continues to get cranked out on “Classic Rock” FM radio formats.

    Three tracks are from the 1995 studio album, Walk on Water (Venus, A Self-Made Man, Pushed to the Limit), with the “signature” numbers – Too Hot to Handle and Lights Out – on disc two.

    Drummer Simon Wright joins members of the most famous line-up – Phil Mogg (v), Pete Way (b), Michael Schenker (g) and Paul Raymond (k) – on the 2003 release. Zoom Club Records does an outstanding job in re-releasing albums from rock artists and delivering unique “limited edition” pressings of bands who remain fan favorites after many years on the road and in the sudio….this solid recording falls in the latter category.

    Posted on January 19, 2010