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Live on the Black Hand Side

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  • Well, I’ve read all the reviews previous to mine, and this will be going to the negative side, as I really can’t find a way of justifying the cost for the product. I love Danzig, period! But, that said, I don’t understand why this came out sounding the way it did. I saw Danzig in 1994 and 2000, for those respective tours, and I was able to hear… everything! I’ll abmit that the first disc, sounds alot better than does the second one. The first part of the disc, (8 songs recorded in ‘92 at Irvine Meadows, CA.), sounds about the best. it’s the classic line-up and if I’m not mistaken, comes form the same show as “Thrall- Demon Sweat Live EP,” ’nuff said! The second part of the first disc, (6 songs recorded in ‘94 at The Seattle Center Arena, WA.), starts to drop off in sound quality, but is still listenable. As an interesting side note, as the band is going into the song, “Going Down To Die,” you can clearly hear Glenn say “… I got work to do…,” and it sounds almost as if someone was maybe asking him for an autograph or somthing… kinda funny really… which leads into disc 2, recorded on tour in 2000… The second disc is where things take a turn for the worst… the sound levels are all off… at times one instrument’s sound being too loud for the other and at other times, another intrument will be drowning out somthing else… but all the instruments overpowering Glenn’s vocals. As a fan, that’s what I paid to hear, that great voice… the thunder and power that Danzig posseses. Not that the band should be overshabowed by his voice either… there should be a nice blend in there. I hate to be so nitpicky but hey, I went out and bought it the day it came out… and had been waiting for it since it’s release had been announced and postponed time and again. I was also a bit disappointed in the front cover artwork… and in fact, the back cover would have been a better design for the front. I’ll have to agree w/ all previous reviewers, however, that the tracks chosen for the release are all excellent… but it would have been nice to hear them better. I can’t justify the release in the way some were able to do… it can be described as raw or “live experience” sounding, but the simple truth is that it’s best psrts sound demo-ee, and the worst sounding bootleg-ee. Still, I’ll keep it as it is a part of the Danzig history, and I’m sure it’ll get plenty of spins on the old cd player… I’ll just have to turn it up real loud so i can hear Glenn… sigh. For those who have yet to buy this new release, “Thrall…” is a much better live representation of this great band,(and yes, they still are a great band!), even if it isn’t a double cd, it kicks… and it has some nice studio gems too.

    Posted on February 28, 2010