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Live on the Black Hand Side

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  • Many of us thought it couldn’t get worse than 5: Blackacidevil. 6:66 – Satan’s Child was somewhat reassuring; nowhere the glory of American Records-era Danzig, but far better than the previous misstep. Then comes this atrocity. By far the worst release ever by Danzig in any incarnation, and possibly the worst live release I’ve EVER heard. First, it looked promising – two discs with three shows from all major incarnations of the band – the original Danzig lineup from ‘92, the addition of Joey Castillo in ‘94, and the current band from 2000. The set list is varied and well-selected. The performances and recording quality, however, couldn’t be worse. Surprisingly, the worst of the bunch is the 2000 show, which takes up all of the second disc. It sounds like an audience bootleg taken from a tape recorder hidden under someone’s clothes. The clarity goes in and out (imagine listening to a record while putting your hands over your ears, taking them off and so on) and the playing is just plain rotten – all across the board…..

    Posted on February 28, 2010