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Live on the Black Hand Side

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  • The Songs are all excellent. The First disc includes songs from shows at Irvine Meadows,CA in 1992 on their ‘How the gods Kill’ Tour, and at the Seattle Center Arena in 1994 on their ‘Danzig 4p’ Tour. The Sound Quality on the first disc is exceptional. I enjoy this first disc very much. It includes songs from the first four albums. This two part, first disc, manifests Glenn’s dynamic musical styles and vocal ranges throughout his first few years with the band which bears his name.FIRST DISC (Part I) How The gods KillIrvine Meadows, 1992:1)Godless2)Left Hand Black3)How The gods Kill4)Dirty Black Summer5)Pain in the World6)Evil Thing7)Halloween II8)Not of This WorldFIRST DISC (Part II) Danzig 4pSeattle Center Arena, 1994:1)Killer Wolf2)Little Whip3)Going Down to Die4)Bringer of Death5)Stalker Song6)Long Way Back from HellI also enjoy the second disc: with some VERY minor disappointments though. The songs are all presented very well, although, (and I say this with the fact that, instrumentally, the songs are recorded very well), the mic, at times, seems to have been fading on a couple of songs for reasons unknown. As I said, it’s minor. This Second Disk includes songs from the Sixth album on their Satan’s Child Tour. The songs are very unique, to say the very least. The tempo is a little faster and the sound is different if compared to the studio versions. That is what I really love about all of these songs, they are the same songs, yet different, with a twist of cain, (if you will) it’s like having a brand new Danzig album never before heard. I really love Five Finger Crawl, It’s Coming Down, Lilin, Twist of Cain, and Deep. They are all good but those songs stick out like an axe in the head. DISK TWO Los Angeles, San Fran, and NE.1)Satans Child2)7th House3)Five Finger Crawl4)Unspeakable5)Lilin6)Her Black Wings7)It’s Coming Down8)Do You Wear the Mark9)Until You Call on the Dark10)Deep11)Belly of the Beast12)She Rides13)Twist of Cain14)MotherAnother of my MINOR disappointments is that there are only one and a half songs that represented BlackAciDevil: 7th House and Deep, which is not really on BlackAciDevil but later was re-mixed and included with the title, Deeper. This is why I say “one and a half”. It is regrettable that none of the other really good songs were included from that album, like, ‘See all You Were’, ‘Serpentia’, ‘Hint of Her Blood’, ‘Come to Silver’, and ‘Power of Darkness’. I would have appreciated hearing at least two or three of those songs on this live compilation.I greatly appreciate that these Live double CDs are available to own. It is always good to hear the live versions. They bring a certain quality of reality and uniqueness to them. I like this live compilation, but I wish that they would have taken a little more care in preparing the sound for a live recording on the second CD. The first CD is quite clear and I enjoy it very much.(…)EvilAlivE (…) Smage, the Godless Agnostic.

    Posted on March 1, 2010