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Live On the Edge Of Forever

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  • I just saw them in Chicago and they were excellent except for one thing-they play their songs too fast-slow the meter of the songs down to album speed and they will sound better. Most of these songs are fast-paced to begin with. You will hear some of this on this live CD. They really can play their songs live and Sir Russell’s vocals are killer live. Jason Rullo is a fantastic drummer which adds to the band. Romeo’s guitar work is unreal as well as the bass and keybord work. This is one of the best bands on the planet-go see them live if you get a chance. If they were doing this in the 70’s or 80’s, they would be a household name. Too bad our young generation doesn’t appreciate greatness when heard. This band should not be touring with no roadcrew and only getting 45 minutes to perform as an opening act. What a shame! As being in the music business for a while-I have NEVER seen such a great band get such little recognition!!

    Posted on December 13, 2009