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Live On the Edge Of Forever

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  • If you thought Symphony X’s albums were incredible, hearing them live is absolutley orgasmic. Russel Allen has an incredibly powerful voice that catches every single note just perfectly and rarely falters. At times, in fact, his voice exceeds what it has done on any studio album. Michael Romeo shreds like a madman on his guitar while Jason Rullo thunders on his drums without skipping a single beat. Mike Pinnela and Mike LePond are also wondrous performers. Every band member is an amazing virtuso. Its almost eerie to hear the songs come together so authentically and so faithfully on this disc; every song is churned out with uncanny accuracy. The Eyes of Medusa is played at hypersonic speed, clocking in at nearly a minute-and-a-half less than the studio version. I never thought it possible that Romeo could shred any faster on his guitar, but he will likely prove your previous notion of “shred” to be wrong. But Romeo isn’t the only great performer in the group. The whole band plays so tightly together on this set and weaves every song with startling accuracy. The best example of this is The Divine Wings of Tragedy. The band plays out this epic track in its sheer entirety of 20 minutes. Nonstop. The very expierence of it is indescribable. I think it is worth it to buy this CD for this track alone. Someday Symphony X will tour stateside and we’ll get to see them in person. Until then, we have this to satiate our appetites and tide us over till that fateful day. Now my only question is : when is the DVD coming out?!

    Posted on December 13, 2009