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Live On the Edge Of Forever

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  • I decided to get this after being impressed with V and Twilight in Olympus. Every one of the guys in Symphony X is very talented and can really play. The first CD is excellent from start to finish; songs like ‘Evolution’ and ‘The Eyes of Medusa’ are awesome along with Michael Romeos guitar solo in ‘On the breath of Poseidon’. The guy is a really amazing guitarist and although many people think he sounds like yngwie, I think he is a lot more controlled and has a more melodic sense. I also like the way S X get the crowd involved, unlike most other progressive bands. My theory on live performances is that a band is on stage to put a show on and not just to play their music. S X are really good entertainers as well as musicians and they also play their songs differently live to what’s on the studio recordings, which is great because similar bands such as Dream Theater usually just stand there playing their songs live exactly the same way as they do on the record. Even though DT are an amazing band, they can be so boring to watch and listen to live sometimes, unlike S X. The second CD however is where I found some minor problems. Some of the songs are played far faster than those on the record. Many people complain about progressive bands doing this live and I’m sorry to say in most cases; it is true! Listen to Dream Theater playing ‘The Mirror’ live for example; it is far faster than that on the record. The other thing that bugs me on CD2 is that the keyboards are too low on the mix. S X has always been a symphonic band and without the keyboards being in the shot they just do not sound the same. Russels vocals do not sound as strong on CD2, this is because I think those particular songs were recorded 6 months after CD1 so his voice is probably a bit worn from constant touring.However I can’t complain too much because `The divine wings of tragedy’ at the end of CD2 is amazing, I think the live performance of that song is absolutely stunning. Overall I really enjoyed this album and I love their music. I highly recommend it to any Power or Prog metal fans, Keep up the good work guys!!!!

    Posted on December 13, 2009