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Live...One Nation Underground

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  • One of the few bands to emerge from the dreadful nu-metal scene that actually showed promise was the Texas based Union Underground. With a sound that owed as much to that of Alice in Chains and White Zombie, the Union Underground’s debut, 2000’s “An Education in Rebellion”, was a solid debut that was a breathe of fresh air for metal fans at the time, and this live EP nicely displays the band in a live setting for the most part. “South Texas Deathride” and the band’s best cut, “Revolution Man” are the standout live tracks of “Live: One Nation Underground”, as well as the mosh heavy renditions of singles “Turn Me On Mr. Deadman” and “Killing the Fly”, but by the time these six tracks are over, you’ll be wanting more; something which this band failed to deliver. If you liked their debut, you should pick this up, but find it at the cheapest price you can before you buy.

    Posted on November 16, 2009