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Live One Night Only

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  • I am always in search of good live albums (I prefer live to studio any day). I was never a Thin Lizzy fanatic, but I always thought they had some cool tunes, so I thought I’d give this one a chance when I read that Tommy Aldridge was the drummer and that Sykes’ voice sounded just like Lynott’s. This album totally ROCKS!! My only other TL album is the Live and Dangerous double-album. While that is a great album and is the “real thing”, I always thought it would have been better if it was a little heavier (the drums are kinda wimpy in my opinion). Basically this album gave me what I wanted: TL classics delivered in a much heavier, grooving, head-banging style. And yes, John Sykes does an EXCELLENT job on vocals (much better Lynott impression than, say, Ripper Owens doing Rob Halford, which I rate about 6 on 10 scale). I would have to give Sykes at least a 9, it is totally impressive how much he is able to sound like Lynott. I will agree with another reviewer that Sykes’ guitar playing, while awesome, sometimes does get a little overaccelerated. That is one area that is better on “Live and Dangerous”. Scott Gorham’s guitar on that album jumps right out at you, while on this new collection he does get a raw deal compared to Sykes. I disagree that Gorham is boring, though. He has a lot of soul in his playing, but his sound is really thin and buried on this album. (I also noticed that while he used to play a Les Paul he now plays a Strat, which quite frankly doesn’t help. Sykes’ Les Paul sounds 3 times as loud and clear as Gorham’s muffled Fender). That, however, would be my ONLY complaint, and not enough to give it less than 5 stars.

    Posted on January 18, 2010