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Live One Night Only

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  • if you had asked me ten years ago if thin lizzy should exsist after the death of philip lynott i would have screamed…HELL NO! but as the years have gone past music has gotten so bad that i almost welcomed the thought of some of the former members reforming as a tribute to his memory. i was still very cautious about purchasing this disc since i already own numerous live thin lizzy discs. i mean there are no new songs and all of these songs have been recorded live before so i thought, what’s the point? i was blown away! first off, the energy of this band is amazing…you can tell that these guys love thin lizzy! second the sound quality is the best i’ve heard on a live recording in years… and john sykes singing is so close to philip lynott’s that it’s haunting! i got chills listening to him! if i had any complaints with this album it’s the way they marketed it as featuring john sykes and scott gorham. every member of this band is as important as the next but whatever…. it’s just a great album! i’m so sick of hearing old bands get back together and sound old and tired, these guys sound like a hungry band that could easily wipe the floor of any stage with the loser rock groups that are out there today! if you love loud hard driving rock n roll then i suggest you order this right now!

    Posted on January 18, 2010