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Live & Rare, Vol. 1

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  • I admit i’m not a huge QR fan, but I love the songs Metal Health and Come On Feel The Noise. From the moment I pressed play it had this terrible sound that seemed like an unrealistic live sound, the guitar wasnt trebled enough, the drum sounded flat like the treble was all the way down and the bass is hardly hearable at all. The singing however is OK.

    The producation on the songs really make it hard to stand out as a recignisable live album. I thought the first few songs where just boring me but then when the ones started that I knew I could hear the low quality of them, and the editing and panning sounds rotating around is just annoying. The drum solo probably would sound ok if it didnt sound trapped behind a concrete wall. I’ve heard better live recordings from this band then this… if youre a die hard QR fan and wanna hear some old live recordings and a few demo tracks of early songs then this album is a must but to the casual fan, skip it and go for something else by them.

    Posted on December 29, 2009