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Live: Right Here, Right Now

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  • I really wish there were more Van Halen live albums, because this one really cooks! Sammy Hagar sounds excellent as usual and the band plays awesome on every track. “Judgement Day” sounds absolutely furious on this, better than the album version, in fact. “Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love” sounds really good. Sammy does a nice job on the Roth-era classic. “Ultra Bass” is outstanding! Finally, we get to hear Micheal Anthony at the forefront, not drowned out by everyone else. This is a very impressive solo and it’s about time he got one on an album! “Pleasure Dome/Drum Solo” is incredible. Some very heavy guitar leads into a long, amazing drum solo by the incomparable Alex Van Halen. This guy has the energy of ten men, I’m sure. How he can do those lightning-quick solos for so long without collapsing is beyond me. Wow! “Love Walks In” is one of my favorite Sammy love songs and sounds superb with Eddie on Keyboard and Sammy on guitar. “Right Now” sounds great as usual, as does “Why Can’t This Be Love.” Well, I’ve highlighted some stuff by everyone but Eddie. “316″ is his shining moment on this album. An amazing solo that has to be heard to be fully appreciated. His guitar work is great on every song, but this is the standout for him.Well, everything is awesome about this one except for one thing; the sound quality. It sounds too spacious, as if they recorded in the middle of the concert hall. As a result, it sounds like you’re listening to the album with a concert hall effect on all the time. Too much echo is a result, which makes it harder to differentiate things.This is my only complaint. It is a small one considering how good this album is. If you are a Van Halen fan, you will love this. If you are a Sammy Hagar-era Van Halen fan, you will love it even more. There’s only one way to rock, apparently, and this is it!

    Posted on February 21, 2010