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Live Undead

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  • If you’re into the early Slayer like Show no mercy, Hell Awaits, Haunting the Chapel and Reing in blood you must have this album. [forget] production and quality for a second and just blast this CD when you need to get out some aggression. Live performances allways get you stoked of course, this one go’s past that. Slayer live infront of a routy NYC croud in 1984 is something we will never experiance again so I say get this CD and cherish it! One more important thing about this CD that Amazon seems to have left out. There is a newer (1980’s) recording of Chemical Warfare (one of my favs of all time) as the last song, it is Not live and is slightly diffrent then the one on Haunting the Chapel, I would say this Chem warfare ver sounds crisper and clearer. i’ve had this tape since 1989 and still crank it to this day!

    Posted on March 16, 2010