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Live Undead

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  • Everything on this album is raw, crunchy, new (at least back then), and not to mention quite awesome. 23 minutes of pure fun and just plain o’ thrasshhh!! Just listen to the live version of ‘Captor of Sin’, ‘Show No Mercy’, or ‘Black Magic.’ While not top-notch on production, the problem is easily solved by just crankin’ up your stereo as loud as it can go.The Band: Tom, bass and vocals- Tom sounds great live, as always. He’s got to have one of the coolest high-pitched screams in the ‘biz. His bass is acually pretty present on this album too. He’ll make you laugh out loud a few times on this album as well with his little jokes in between songs. Dave, drums- Dave rips on this album. And I thought he was good on ‘RiB’! Just listen to ‘Evil Has No Boundaries’ or ‘Captor of Sin’ to see Lombardo’s crazy double bass work and booming rolls. Kerry, lead guitar- Ah, the raw energy that flows through every song through King’s guitar. The solos sound absolutely perfect, and the King/Hanneman duo keep it tight as ever. No screw ups on this album, and no overdubs! Jeff, lead guitar- You know, a lot of people are gonna be angry at me for saying this, but I believe than Jeff is the better guitarist. Don’t get me wrong, Kerry is amazing, but I just see that Jeff has written all my favorite Slayer songs, and all my favorite solos. Anywho, Jeff also tears it up on this album, making every 1/4 of this band absolutely perfect.So why, you ask, do I give this 4/5 stars and not 5? Where’s ‘Chemical Warfare’?! Argh, I was devastated that they didn’t play this, but I got over it. Plus, they got my hopes up with printing the four songs from ‘Haunting the Chapel’ on the CD, making me think they had included it too. Nope. Those are only minor cons though, and if you’re a Slayer fan, you definately gotta check this mofo out.

    Posted on March 16, 2010