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  • Has Alice in Chains broken up? The official word is “no”, but releases from the band are DEFINETLY few and far between. Although the Music Bank Box Set and the Nothing Safe disc both contained live tracks, it’s excellent to finally have an official live Alice CD to listen to.I first heard about this album on the radio, and happened to be in a local Newbury Comics store and saw it on the shelf. Being an AIC fan I instantly grabbed it, got it home and through it in my cd player.This CD is fabulous — it captures all of the agression, depression, power and fury of Alice in Chains’ music and their live performances, stuffs it all down and crams it onto a five inch disc.The tracks are all great, and there’s a good variety on the cd –spanning there 13 year career. This is an essential recording and a must-own for any Alice in Chains fan.My only complaint with this is that it should’ve been two CDs. Well, perhaps that’s an unfair complaint, but with such a long career there’s a hell of a lot more great material than what’s on here.Perhaps Alice in Chains and their record label, Columbia, will follow the example of Jimi Hendrix’s label, “Experience Hendrix” and continue to release live and rare cds in the future. We can only hope.And if anyone from the band happens to stumble upon this and read it, we’re all still hoping and praying for another studio album from you guys. ;-) ~ CuRmuDgeoN

    Posted on February 14, 2010