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Man In The Box Guitar Lesson | Alice In Chains Jerry Cantrell Guitar Lesson Man In The Box

Man In The Box guitar lesson, Alice In Chains... Man in the Box by Jerry Cantrell and Alice in Chain, in this free guitar lesson I show you how to play Man In The Box from Alice in Chains first CD. Jerry Cantrell plays a very simple riff with an overdriven sound and a wah pedal. The gear used in this video is an EVH 5150 III 50 watt head, EVH 4x12 cabinet and Mic's with three mic's. Heli Pro, Sm57 and a MD 421 into a Saffire Pro 40 straight into Pro Tools 10, on my Mac Book Pro. The footage was edited using Pro Tools and Adobe Premiere Pro CS 6. Main In The Box Guitar lesson brought to you by The copyright for this song belongs to Alice In Chains this is just my interpretation of how the song might be played.


Alice In Chains - Would

Would is the 13th song of the album ''Dirt'' (my favorite). Lyrics: Know me broken by my master, Teach thee a child, love hereafter, Into the flood again, Sa...

Alice In Chains - Hollow

Alice in Chains "Hollow" is now available on iTunes: Brand new album, Spring 2013. Facebook:

Alice in Chains - Got me Wrong - Live at SWU Festival

Paulínia - SP, 11.14.2011.

Alice In Chains - Your Decision

Music video by Alice In Chains performing Your Decision.

Alice in chains - Would? Unplugged [HD]

Know Me, Broken, By My Master Teach Thee On, Child, Love Hereafter Into The Flood Again Same Old Trip It Was Back Then So I Made A Big Mistake Try To See It ...

Interview Alice In Chains - Jerry Cantrell and Sean Kinney about Layne Staley

Watch the whole interview on . Video interview with hardrock band Alice In Chains. FaceCulture spoke to Jerry Cantrell and Sean Ki...

Alice In Chains - Check My Brain

Music video by Alice In Chains performing Check My Brain (Music Video).

Alice In Chains Live Maquinaria 2011, Chile (Full Show)

Presentación de Alice In Chains en el maquinaria festival 12/11/2011.

Rooster-Alice In Chains lyrics