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  • This is the album Metallica would have made in 1993 if Cliff was still alive. Sacrilege comes the cry from the bemulleted crowd at the back, but did all you so-called Metallica fans know that Cliff was as much into blues and Mozart as Black Sabbath and Slayer? The prog rock in Metallica is now gone, in the respect that 3 minute, 30 scale solos are now gone. The blues and Black Sabbath are surfacing. How many of you complained about War Pigs having a harmonica? How many of you complained when the boys in Sepultura and Pantera cut their hair? You all just wanted an excuse to hate Metallica. And yet they still swept the rug away from under your feet by releasing this, their most profound and diverse work yet. Hetfield has never sounded better, and the lyrics to Outlaw Torn and Bleeding Me are the finest he has ever written. Yes, they aren’t as heavy, nor angry as they were. Maybe when you get older you too will recognise the balls it took to release this. They knew they were going to lose a lot of fans with this. What is all this talk of selling out? They knew that if they released an album like before, it would sell well. They took a huge risk in releasing this, as it could have ended up that they would be too light for the elitists, and too heavy for the mainstream. Why all the criticism of Mama Said? No-one so much as blinked when Pantera did Suicide Note part 1, or when Sepultura did Jasco or Kaiowas. Metallica are starting to explore the areas that they couldn’t go before, and in so doing they have made some great music which deserves to be listened to and judged, rather than hated just because everyone else does. Fair enough, why they wanted to put a song like `Poor Twisted Me’ on the album totally escapes me, but when you have songs like `Thorn Within’ and `Until It Sleeps’ to compensate, it matters little. It may not be as heavy as the bone-heads wanted, but if a song does not have distortion on it, does that make it a bad song? No. This is an album for every mood, and it is a rock album. They never said it was going to be as heavy as Master of Puppets, and if you bought it expecting that, then die. I personally would have preferred `Justice For All’ part II, but this does the job just fine. And it’s better than the indulgent toss on Reload. And don’t give me that guff about ’sell-out’. They were taking a risk with this, because they knew the mainstream were already scared of big, ugly Metallica, and that the old ‘Metallibangers’ (sorry to use that word, but you get the idea who I’m Talking about) would destroy them for going ‘light’. If they had have done Master of Puppets part 2 then that would have been selling out, as it would have sold by the bucket-load, and htey knew it.Did you know that out there in the world somewhere, there is someone who hates Metallica solely because James stopped drinking? And for that, they have succeeded in ensuring themselves a place in history…as a total f**king moron…

    Posted on November 12, 2009