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  • …am I detecting a note of bitterness in some of these responses? No original members eh? Well, let’s see. Danny Joe has suffered a massive stroke and is incapable of doing the songs anymore as I understand it. But lineup stability has NEVER exactly been a Molly Hatchet hallmark from the outset. Vocals? Other than keyboards, the vocal lineup has remained the most stable. First it was Brown. Then with the release of 1980’s ‘Beatin’ The Odds’ it was Jim Farrar, then in 1983 Brown returns and remains as vocalist up until 1995 when he was replaced by Phil McCormack. Guitars? Hlubek, Roland, and Holland. Then it was Hlubek and Roland. Then Roland and Ingram. Then Ingram and Blanz. Then Ingram and Lunden. Then Ingram and Bassett. Then Ingram and Owings. Then Ingram, Owings AND Bassett. Then, finally, Ingram and Maxwell.Bass? C’mon!!! Banner Thomas replaced EARLY ON by Riff West (there’s a stage name for ya!) replaced by Rob Sweat replaced by Kevin Ryan replaced by Buzzy Meekins replaced by Banner Thomas (back!) replaced by Eddie Rio replaced by Andy McKinney replaced by Jerry Scott replaced by J.J. Strickland. Need a scorecard yet???The drums have been a revolving door JOKE since Day One…with Bruce Crump, then B.B. Borden, then Bruce Crump back again, then David Fiegle, then Kenny Holton, then Mac Crawford, then Sean Shannon, then Dale Rock, then Shawn Beamer, who must’ve decided it was a damn good gig and stayed…becoming Molly Hatchet’s longest standing drummer.Keyboards? Oddly (especially so in light of the nasty remarks about no original members remaining) this is where GEETAR driven Hatchet’s lineup has proven most stable. John Galvin was the band’s FIRST keyboardist. Yes, Jai Winding handled keyboard duties on some early material (studio only). But Galvin was the first keyboard player to be an official member of the band, joining in or around 1984. And with the exception of a few brief times when he left the band for “personal reasons” and was “temporarily replaced”, he has remained their keyboard player from that time forward.So, I trust this has sufficiently illustrated that Hatchet has had a VERY unstable lineup for some years. The four members of Hatchet who have the LONGEST history with the band? Danny Joe Brown, Duane Roland, John Galvin, and…YES…the MUCH maligned (around THESE parts anyway) Bobby Ingram. Funny eh?By the way, Brown and Roland had the rights to the Hatchet name and were under NO (that’s right…ZERO) obligation to sell those rights. But they sold them to the remaining members of the band (well…Ingram and Galvin) and the band goes on.And there’s everything you EVER wanted to know about the wild, wacky, wonderful lineup changes of Molly Hatchet.And ‘LOCKED AND LOADED’? KICKS BUM! Buy!

    Posted on March 3, 2010