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  • I will comment on a couple of areas in this review: The performance of the songs, the quality of the songs, and the politics surrounding Molly Hatchet. The performance of the songs on this CD is pretty good. I felt that some of the older tracks were played somewhat in slow motion. Beatin’ the Odds in particular, could have been played at a faster pace, so too, Gator Country. Phil McCormick on the vocals was a surprise to me. When you hear the guy’s voice you think he’s 65 years old on studio tracks. I wouldn’t have thought he could have lasted for a live show, but he actually sounds great. The rest of the band sounds pretty good, too.
    The song selection is okay. Some of the newer tunes are good, some of the newer tunes are bad. I prefer old Hatchet to the new, but I love “Down from the Mountain” and “Tatanka”. Tatanka is right up there with Satisfied Man and Stone in your Heart as the best Hatchet tunes. By the way, why aren’t they on here?
    Now for the political issue. Yes, I agree that new Molly Hatchet is not the old Molly Hatchet. It is a bit of a scam without especially Dave Hlubeck and Duane Roland. But we need not write off the music for that reason and give it a one or two star rating. I feel my review is objective in that sense. Thanks.

    Posted on March 3, 2010