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  • First, let me say that I’m a real big fan of the Molly Hatchet Band. I’ve got everything they ever produced plus a couple of bootlegs, and I’ve been following the band for years. Even saw ‘em in London England a few years ago, shook Andy McKinney’s hand, had a real good time boogeying down to the MHB.This album is good, but it ain’t brilliant, and to be fair I think the band is let down by the production mix, which seems to lose some of the geetar detail in places. Maybe it’s this album lineup (and bear in mind that it’s since changed, with Andy McKinney and Sean Shannon departing), as I genuinely think that Russ Maxwell doesn’t play with the emotion that Bryan Bassett did, or Duane Roland before him, though Russ is a fine technical player. Also, whilst the band gives good renditions of the old favorites, I can say I’ve heard better – some of the tracks sound a bit tired.Highlight for me is a smokin’ version of Dreams I’ll Never See.And John Galvin on the keyboards (one time!) sure rocks!So I’d say this album is well worth buying for Southern Rock fans, even for lovers of good honest country or rock music, and a must for MHB afficionadoes.

    Posted on March 3, 2010