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Lonesome Crow

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  • First off let me repeat what another reviewer has said of this cd. This is not The Scorpions that put out songs such as “Rock You Like A Hurricane” or “No One Like You”! Granted several of the original members (Klause Meine, and Rudolf Schenker) remianed in the band but that’s it. This cd represents a very young Scorpions. I hear some Black Sabbath influences from the then young guitarist extroardinaire Michael Schenker (16 years old). The drums and bass section in this band are the best that I’ve heard from The Scorpions. I agree with the above reviewer in that Wolfgang Dziony is a better drummer than Herman Rarebell and bassist Lothar Heimberg is a terrific bass player. Too bad these memebers didn’t remain with The Scorpions throughout their RCA label days. I still prefer The 70’s sounding Scorpions over the eighties rock they created. Albums such as “Fly To The Rainbow”, “In Trance”, and “Virgin Killer” are classics. Too bad RCA here in the U.S. doesn’t get on the ball and remaster and re-issue those cd’s. Now back to this cd. Songs such as the title track “Lonesome Crow”( at over 13 mins. long) are very guitar driven and the song itself is progressive in The Jethro Tull vein. Another standout cut is “In Search Of The Piece Of Mind”. This is an acoustic guitar driven track with Klause Meine sounding topnotch as ever and Michael Schenker as usual adds his special guitar touch. The song “I’m Going Mad” has a nice chant at the beginning with Meine’s vocals reduced somewhat. The chant continues through most of the song. And I can’t help but hear that Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath) guitar influence in Schenker’s playing. The remaining songs are also excellent but I repeat this cd is not for everyone. If you enjoy progressive and unusual sounding rock then pick this classic up before it becomes deleted. Highly recommended.

    Posted on December 3, 2009