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Long Cold Winter

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  • Long Cold Winter was released in Hair-Metal Heyday, but you can listen to this in the present without being embarrassed. Like almost every other reviewer of this album here, Cinderella headed towards a bluesier side that would become more apparant with their third album. However Long Cold Winter rocks and has some real gems.

    ‘The Last Mile’ is probably my favorite. ‘Gypsy Road’ is very good also, but with MTV overkill, I really can’t sit through this song too many more times. Which is not fair to say, it’s an excellent song, but too much of a good thing can have it’s drawbacks and MTV played the hell out of this.

    The title track is possibly the only song I was never really that crazy about. It’s very long and too slow it seems. I can see how Cinderella was trying to make this their Swan Song, but to me it just didn’t quite work. However rockin tunes like ‘Fire and Ice’, ‘If you don’t like it’, and ‘Take me back’ will keep your feet tapping. Not every album from the 80’s sounds as fresh as this, thanks to the lack of synthesizers. If you have worries about discovering 80’s ‘Hair Bands’, Cinderella is not to fear. They had a lot more substance than fluffy Bon Jovi garbage.

    Posted on November 15, 2009