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Lost in Space, Vols. 1-2

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  • The first time i heard Avantasia was the rock opera albums which set a baseline to the group. I picked up this album next since i wanted to hear what Tobias can do with a regular album, vice a conceptual album.

    What i first realized is that the 2nd track, “lay all your love on me” is an ABBA cover. The 2nd cover i’ve heard of this song (the first cover i heard was by Erasure on the Abbaesque album). I thought, wow, this is a rocking cover since recently, a lot of metal artists are covering 70’s and 80’s songs, such as Seether doing Whispering Calm, Disturbed covering Land of Confusion and Shout and so forth (someone needs to make a compilation of metal artists covering cheesy songs).

    Back to Avantasia, i then realized Tobias was also covering Dancing with tears in my eyes from Ultra box. And then there are other covers on this album as well.

    This gave me a more modern look at Avantasia and i think Tobias does some really good writing. Given that this is Euro metal, I think that they can do a lot more to add flavor to the musicianship of the songs. It seems like in the studio, the idea was “ok, let’s record this cover song and get it done quickly” without taking too much time to add a metal touch to it, like rocking guitar solos or getting away from basic rhythm guitar parts.

    I’m going to continue listening to Avantasia and hopefully, their other albums will be a little more artistic as far as the musicianship is concerned. The covers are really well done though.

    Posted on February 27, 2010