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Love at First Sting

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After years of writing hook-laden choruses and triumphantly buzzing riffs, this German band finally perfected the formula. A fine mix of poise and passion, Love at First Sting appeals to both angry metalheads and Top-40 aficionados. –Jon Wiederhorn

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  • I am an old Scorpions fan, and always considered “Love At Firts Sting” one of their best albums of latter era. Actually, it’s their last album with some original ideas, just like “Flick Of The Switch” was for AC/DC.

    I purchased this album when I started replacing my dust gathering collection of tape records made in 80’s and early 90’s, finally having decided to get some quality sound of my old idols. How great was my disappointment wheh I have heard this CD! The quality is quite similair to what I had on my old tape – low record level, high frequencies are not audible. In short – you’ve got nothing of Mattias Jabs and Rudy Schenker guitars, quite a little of Klaus Meine voice, which was good back then.

    I’ve heard Scorpions live this summer on private concert in Moscow: they performed mostly the songs from this album, and even given all those years passed, they sounded better.

    Posted on February 25, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • In the eighties, The Scorpions would undergo a transformation not unlike another classic metal band, Judas Priest. Priest had shed many trappings of their more epic 70’s sound in favor of more streamlined songwriting and a (somewhat) more commercial sheen. The Scorpions did the same, and by 1984 this transformation had been complete. Uli Jon Roth was nothing but a distant memory, and the most well known line up of The Scorpions had found their place. Love at First Sting still remains a great album, maybe not up to par with their 70’s material but strong just the same. It has a very sleek sound that would later be copied by lesser bands who sought to capture the sleekness and commercial potential in this type of production. However, the songs still count, and they still rock, probably more than their previous album, Blackout. It begins with the rocker Bad Boys Running Wild, then to the anthem (the overplayed infamous) Rock You Like a Hurricane, and then to the more speedy songs Coming Home and Same Thrill. No Scorpions album would be complete without some experimentation, and this is in the epic anti cold war track, Crossfire. The ballad Still Loving You is their strongest ballad since the seventies, and the other songs have their own strengths as well. Too bad they hired outside songwriters and so on to try to duplicate the magic later. They couldn’t. The Scorpions are the original “pop metal” band, but I mean that in a good way. Their songs are catchy and concise (even in the Roth era though maybe not on Lonesome Crow which I do love btw) and have a keen sense of melody and the bite that they possess keeps the songs from being “pop” in a bad way. Like a Heavy Metal Beatles (early) in a way. Get this, you should already have it!

    Posted on February 25, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Their best effort to date even better than Blackout, which I never thought could happen. This album starts off rockin with Bad boys running wild, (it just smokes), the classic Rock you like a hurricane,(a definite 1980’s classic), My personal fave I’m leaving you,(Mindblowing song), the bombastic The same thrill, another classic Big city nights(How sweet),the groove of As soon as the good times roll, and the slow rocker that has been a mood maker for millions, Still loving you. I must admit I wore out my cassette twice over the years, this is soo damn good. On disc it is so much better, wow!! I always thought Mathias Jabs was one of the most underrated guitarists of the 80’s, period! He had speed and finesse but he had some feeling that many others didn’t. And who could forget Herman (the German) Rarebell, his playing was simple but this guy was really good. The solos on Bad boys, Hurricane, I’m leaving you and Big City nights are truly inspiring!!!An amazing record by an amazing band. A true metal classic that brings back many good memories. Take it from a 35 year old headbanger, buy this and rock on!!!!!

    Posted on February 25, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • This is the release that followed the band’s 1982 hit album Blackout. It is perhaps the peak of the Scorpions’ recording plateau studio-wise. They were indeed firing on all 8 cylinders on this one.

    Song listing and thoughts:

    1. Bad Boys Running Wild – a great opening song with Schenker on rhythm and the frantic Jabs on lead guitar

    2. Rock You Like A Hurricane – this song took the world by storm and wouldn’t let go … sleazy lyrics and A+ solo work by Matthias

    3. I’m Leaving You – kinda a mixture of a mid tempo rocker/ballad which works really well

    4. Coming Home – starts with the false ballad opening then rolls hard the rest of the way

    5. The Same Thrill – a fast paced song, sounds kinda rushed though

    6. Big City Nights – a Schenker masterpiece…don’t let the guitar tracking fool you, this song is nearly all Schenker. Mr. Flying V starts off with the main rhythm and also plays the lead melody. Matthias plays the 2nd rhythm and the solo fills for the chorus, but Schenker returns with the lead melody along with his powerful lead solo. However, when played live Matthias had/has to play Rudolph’s intro rhythm guitar part to compensate

    7. As Soon As the Good Times Roll – a mid tempo song with different drum stops, a cool touch

    8. Crossfire – a nice slow burning song with Matthias and his laser shooting guitar

    9. Still Loving You – a ballad masterpiece featuring Schenker baby aka Mr. Flying V on the soaring lead guitar

    Klaus’ vocals are top notch throughout.

    A great album by a hard rocking band that made it big and deserved it. Something that has always bugged me about Love At First Sting is that Matthias’ guitar tracking volumes are noticeably low in the mix for whatever reason (compared to Blackout or Savage Amusement), but that’s just a minor picky track mixing detail.

    Posted on February 24, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Love At First Sting was the Scorpions’ most successful album in the U.S. and remains their strongest album. Although Savage Amusement would chart higher on the charts and their biggest hit “Wind Of Change” appeared on Crazy World, Love At First Sting was their best album featuring their strongest collection of songs.This album features an equal balance of heavier tracks, catchy metal driven by memorable riffs, and power ballads, and most of them are top notch. The acoustic turned heavy rocker “Coming Home” is one of the strongest tracks and was the opening song for many of their live shows. “Rock You Like A Hurricane” would be one of their biggest hits and remains their signature song. The ballad “Still Loving You” remains one of the best of the metal era and features some excellent passionate soloing from lead guitarist Matthias Jabs. Tracks like “Big City Nights”, “Bad Boys Running Wild”, and “I’m Leaving You” are all very strong, featuring excellent melodies penned by rhythm guitarist Rudolf Schenker. The lesser known songs are also very good, particularly the anti-war track “Crossfire”, driven by Herman Rarebell’s hypnotic march beat and “As Soon As The Good Times Roll.” An excellent album. Highly recommended to fans of great ’80s melodic metal.

    Posted on February 24, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now