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Love at First Sting

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  • This is the release that followed the band’s 1982 hit album Blackout. It is perhaps the peak of the Scorpions’ recording plateau studio-wise. They were indeed firing on all 8 cylinders on this one.

    Song listing and thoughts:

    1. Bad Boys Running Wild – a great opening song with Schenker on rhythm and the frantic Jabs on lead guitar

    2. Rock You Like A Hurricane – this song took the world by storm and wouldn’t let go … sleazy lyrics and A+ solo work by Matthias

    3. I’m Leaving You – kinda a mixture of a mid tempo rocker/ballad which works really well

    4. Coming Home – starts with the false ballad opening then rolls hard the rest of the way

    5. The Same Thrill – a fast paced song, sounds kinda rushed though

    6. Big City Nights – a Schenker masterpiece…don’t let the guitar tracking fool you, this song is nearly all Schenker. Mr. Flying V starts off with the main rhythm and also plays the lead melody. Matthias plays the 2nd rhythm and the solo fills for the chorus, but Schenker returns with the lead melody along with his powerful lead solo. However, when played live Matthias had/has to play Rudolph’s intro rhythm guitar part to compensate

    7. As Soon As the Good Times Roll – a mid tempo song with different drum stops, a cool touch

    8. Crossfire – a nice slow burning song with Matthias and his laser shooting guitar

    9. Still Loving You – a ballad masterpiece featuring Schenker baby aka Mr. Flying V on the soaring lead guitar

    Klaus’ vocals are top notch throughout.

    A great album by a hard rocking band that made it big and deserved it. Something that has always bugged me about Love At First Sting is that Matthias’ guitar tracking volumes are noticeably low in the mix for whatever reason (compared to Blackout or Savage Amusement), but that’s just a minor picky track mixing detail.

    Posted on February 24, 2010