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Love Is for Suckers

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  • O.K before I begin this review, let me just say that I am a big Twisted Sister fan..makes sense since I bought this album and will take the time to review it… a little biased towards TS I might be…and since I have received no formal training as a music critic and could really care less about the technical aspects of the music or how proficient the bass player is in playing his instrument( I’ll leave that for the true MUSIC GEEKS out there) I do care about one thing….DOES IT ROCK???…does it make me wanna stay in my car to hear the next song????…does it take me back to a time when acid wash jeans were the style and DEE SNIDER was the baddest frontman in rock???? A BIG YES TO ALL OF THE ABOVE!!!!!…..if you want music to save the world, listen to U2…if you want bad poetry put to a boring beat, listen to Coldplay…if you wanna hear some white guy pretend to be black and pick on his mom on every fckin song,listen to Eminem….but if you wanna be honest with yourself and admit that almost all of todays music sucks you will come to the same conclusion that I came to as well…..the best record i bought in 2005 was made in 1987…..LOVE IS FOR SUCKERS….now go save the world Bono!!!!

    Posted on March 17, 2010