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Love Is for Suckers

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  • Yes folks, it was a sad time indeed, the 80’s and all it’s glory and silliness was coming to a close. Sadder yet was the fate of Twisted Sister. The monster steam-rolling band that exploded onto the scene, exited with barely a whisper. Gone was the makeup and outrageous outfits. Now they were dressed like leather-clad bikers, but their time was over. Too bad too, considering this was a good album.I remember the day I bought the tape. I was walking home from work and it was pretty damn cold. I had a few bucks to burn, so on the way home I stopped at a record store. Even though ‘Love is for Suckers’ hadn’t been out that long. I walked home listening to it. Back then when I walked everywhere, my WalkMan was a must have.I remember walking the rest of the way home listening to the first song, ‘Wake up the Sleeping Giant’. My favorite tune on the album, great opener. The title track is awesome, as is ‘Hot Love’, ‘Me and the Boys’ (ode to the infamous boy’s night out and rock n roll) and the touching tongue in cheek) “You are all that I need’. Sorry, can’t tell you anything about the ‘new’ tracks, but I’m sure they are good with Dee at the helm.

    Posted on March 17, 2010