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  • This is the best recording of rock I’ve ever heard. I got this CD in ‘87, a few years after it was released. Actually, I bought it and “Electric” at the same time, as the latter was just released. I was lucky enough to pick up the original “BEGA 65 CD” (Beggar’s Banquet) version, with the gold lettering on the front cover. It had two extra songs on it (“Little Face” and “Judith”) as well as liner notes–lyrics to all the songs on the CD, inscribed in that odd, neo-egyptian script that you see on the front and back covers of the CD. In 1990, I saw this same CD on a website of RARE recordings going for $60, so if you see it anywhere and its affordable, pick it up. The songs contained within are incredible. Unfortunately, there are a few mellow tunes (“Brother Wolf…” and “Black Angel”) that will really make you want to cry or sleep, depending on your mood. They are good, and the lyrics are well crafted, but they are too long. There are a couple of Euro-Pop tunes (“Nirvana,” “Rain” and “Revolution”) which sound kinda ‘blah’ now, but they are listenable. The true treasures on this Cd alone make it a 5-Star purchase: “Big Neon Glitter,” “Love,” (so good, they used the same riff later for the ELECTRIC version of “Wild Flower”), “The Phoenix,” (no 80’s song rocks this hard or well–not one…it still gives me goose bumps), “Hollow Man,” (I heard a band cover this a few years ago…a buddy at the show asked me, ‘is that a Foo Fighters song?’) and “She Sells Sanctuary.” Though I mentioned it as a negative, “Brother Wolf…” is a great song, too. It’s 7 minutes long, though.There will never be another rock CD like “Love.” Ian and Billy saw to that–they scrapped the follow up album (to be titled, “Peace”) and rerecorded all of the songs with a new sound (“Electric”). In a strange, dysfunctional way, this CD reminds me of Queens of the Stone Age’s “Rated R,” (not the way it sounds) in that it’s innovative, it’s a little ahead of it’s time despite borrowing from earlier genres, and it rocks in so many different ways, and on so many different levels.You wanna now how this CD rocks?!?! Ask Ian: “Like a kiss from the lips of Ra that burns on….rising ever higher….a Phoenix from a pyre…my eternal desire….FIRE!!!”

    Posted on February 2, 2010