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  • I was never a fan of the Cult and had no idea who they were when I mistakenly bought the “She Sells Sanctuary” record single back in 1985. I had figured I might as well listen to the record before returning it. I ended up buying the record at least two more times from the damage that playing the song over and over again did to it.Years have since passed and it is still my all-time favorite song. The song is simply hypnotic and is as close to a “visual” experience as I have ever had listening to music. The decievingly simple lyrics call out against the complex layers of sound that surround them. Together, they fuel the hearth in the album’s central theme and climax, Love.Love is a tribute to what can be accomplished when musicians submit their mind and soul completely to their craft, creating a sound that is pure in its cause and poetry most of all. If such was not the case in the production of this album, then greatness simply sprang forth of its own accord and for its own purposes.Once in a very short while, an album comes along that is required listening. Don’t miss this one!

    Posted on February 2, 2010