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  • For those of us who discard the Dreamtime/Southern Death Cult material as not worth mentioning, 1985’s ‘Love’ was the first major release by The Cult. At the time, they were considered a Goth-Alternative band (1987’s ‘Electric’ would change that), and songs like “Brother Wolf, Sister Moon” and “Black Angel” definitely echoe that imagry. To be sure, the vocals and guitars are much more subtle and effect-laden than their latter records, as songs like “Nirvana” sound much like early U2. Nonetheless, it was the get-up-dance tunes like “She Sells Sanctuary” and “Rain” that put this record on the map, and the wah-wah guitar of “The Phoenix” that placed The Cult firmly outside the genre of Goth and more appropriately in the category of Alternative-Rock. Still, the record has a major weakness that many first records have – that is, some of the songs suffer from lyrical blight (“Love” and “Rain” being the most obvious examples).HINT: It’s worth the extra money to track down and purchase the import version of this record, which features two additional tracks, “Little Face” and “Judith”, one of which cannot be found even on the rarities collections.

    Posted on February 2, 2010