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  • this was the first cd with unoriginal menbers james murphy and john tempesta?at first thought I was unsure but after listening this is brutally heavy.this made many people reconsider 80 thrash bands the set forth new standards in that realm of music. james has alway chosen to work with the cream of the crop(obituary,death,teastamen ect.)but this was put him in a hard spot replacing alex sckolnick(guitar god)but james stomped on alex’s place out.James to thing to a higher level and could do anything alex did before ( you want proof live at the filmore listen to it)john tempesta (replaced louie )with surprisingly great referances(anthrax tech,exodus,slayer temp. then to white zombie)and did a great job better than I thought he would do but left just after recording to be replaced by paul bostiph(formerly of forbidden/next move slayer 13 years+)with chuck,Eric,greg still there these two new guy with the 10 years in the sceane produced one of the memorible cds of the era and broke major new ground with this cd.this is a must have!

    Posted on November 19, 2009