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  • Testament is one of my favorite bands. Having consistently released quality work throughout their career. And low is no exception never straying to far from their bay area thrash sound but being far from generic sounding. Low is the first cd to feature chuck billy using death metal vocals found on the song dog faced gods. Which would dominate their future demonic release. The high points of the cd are what has made testament so highly respected in metal circles since the 80’s. Great guitar work,solos,lyrics,vocals, and drumming. Hail mary is one of my favorite songs possesing great guitar work,vocals and a killer chorus. Trail of tears is one of my favorite songs a slower number great guitar and vocals keep interest throughout. P.C.,chsing fear,low,legions in hiding are other highlights keeping the thrash quotient high. The only low points would be the song ride as it has a mediocre riff and goes nowhere. And the instrumentals just take up space. Overall low is another great release by a band sticking proudly to their bay area thrash roots.

    Posted on November 19, 2009