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  • I discovered Delain one day when I was looking up more information on Within Temptation and it’s band members. I discovered that Martijn Westerholt had suffered from Pfeiffer’s Disease and thus had to leave Within Temptation in 2001 but that he had preservered and started his own band called Delain in 2002. I decided to look up this band. I found their official site where I was able to hear what they had to offer. It was very good so I got my hands on their first full length album, Lucidity.

    I love the music on this album. I’m a fan of symphonic metal and Lucidity is a very beautiful album. It has the beautiful guitars that I love so dearly, bass, drums, keyboards, *Deep Sigh* It’s very rare, in my experience, to find a relatively new band that plays very well together. The vocals of Charlotte Wessels are unique and interesting. In a world where most of the female fronted bands have high soprano singers, Charlotte is refreshing with her serene yet spunky (poppy) sound. I recommend Delain for those who like Symphonic Metal but want a change of pace from the lovely high soprano vocalists. I also recommend they check out Delain’s official website or look for them at My Space and listen to what the band has to offer before they decide to buy this item!

    Posted on February 28, 2010