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Lunar Womb

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  • my thoughts exactly. I have been waiting for years to have this album re-issued. I have been bugging Jadd at Meteor City records for the past 2 years once I heard that there were rumors flying around about Lunar Womb being put out again. this was actually supposed to come out a year and a half ago. more than once, I came really close to spending a butt-load of money on over-priced used copies of the original version of Lunar Womb (on Hellhound records) on EBay. but I held out, and tried to stay patient. finally, my waiting has paid off. in the entire “stoner-rock” genre (God, I hate that term), this is probably one of the most important albums. a true classic from one of the greatest singer/guitarists since Hendrix, the almighty Wino. also, probably the best Obsessed album. now, the only thing left is for a label to re-issue The Church Within. I already have my copy, but there are tons of other Obsessed fans out there that need it.

    Posted on January 1, 2010