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  • Gwar has always been an easy target for music snobs. Here you have a band that dresses up in Latex monster suits and sprays blood all over their fans. However, all that being said….you also have an 11th album over the span of 25 years. Say what you will but Dave and company are doing SOMETHING right. This is a band that has survived losing members (some very prominant), switching labels, and just time itself.

    All that being said, this is very solid release. Although I would not put it as high in regard as Violence Has Arrived or America Must be Destroyed. I can say it is MILES ahead of that dredful last release Beyond Hell! The album is heavy and does a great job at bringing back the vocal backing harmony that has been missing on recent efforts. With Casey Orr being back as Beefcake we get a great track from him bearing his signature voice. AND…with an exceptional surprise we get a song by Flattus called “Unleash the Flies” which is my personal favorite on the album. “Where is Zog” manages to bring out humor but still keeps things hard and even on the album. In the library of GWAR I would rank this release along the lines of Ragnarok and War Party….very hard, all around solid efforts….not spectacular like Scumdogs, VHA or AMBD. BUT….not awful like Carnival of Chaos or We Kill Everything.

    If you are a fan, pick it up as it is worthy of being next to any of their past discs. And if you don’t know of the group, this is not a bad effort to start listening to.

    Just a quick mention of the respect this group does deserve. First of all many people claim the band is not the same without the likes of Hunter Jackson, Chuck Varga and Ms. Stamppe (Techno, Sexy and Slymenstra). Keep in mind after 25 years none of these folks are getting any younger. When you keep that in mind it’s amazing the band is still around. As a matter of fact for Dave and Brad and Dirks to keep this up it has had to have been a TRUE labor of love. These guys have stuck with this project for many, many years…..they are not becoming millionaires off of it, they HAVE to be getting tired physically in relation to the physical aspect the entire project demands. They deserve true respect and admiration. I had the pleasure of meeting all 3 a few years back at a Clutch show and I got to see them perform as DBX the night after, during that conversation I thanked Dave personally for all of the entertainment he has given me during all of those years. I have been to every Houston show since 1992…I believe around 30+ shows…and will go see them on the Sept. 29th as well for this album.

    Gwar is an Institution. My cousin brought me into the fold with Hello, and now I’m doing so with my 18 year old cousin. And hopefully if they can keep it up…one day I’ll bring my kid to a Gwar show.

    People can say all they want to about this band….but 11 albums and 25 years is no small feat. Like I said…they are doing something right!

    Posted on February 19, 2010