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  • the enigmatic, but profoundly talented michael schenker puts it all out on the line for his faithful following on this masterpiece. Previous releases always seemed to lack that one little ingredient that makes an interesting meal outstanding.Having followed michaels career from 1972 through today, and purchasing everything our sorry record outlets carry, i found this nugget tucked away ,and hurried home brushing it off and finding the gold pressed into this plastic.Michaels patient testing of various rock throats ,and co-writing talents kept his success on a virtual roller coaster.He and Robin McAuley hit the mark by giving us one of those rare albums where every song is a great song.From the opening riffs of ‘EVE’, you are transported back to the great power playing and melodic stylings that makes him one of the greatest guitar players in metal history,and the misunderstanding as to why he hasn’t become a household name.this is the record that spawned the great radio hit “when i’m gone”,this is one of those “1″ time listen and love songs,with its melodic hooks,and searing vocals which sing out success.”we believe in love ” is another fabulously hooky “1″ time listen song.whatever Michael chooses to do in his private life is his business,we don’t need to completely understand the man,we know what he can do ,and how well he does it.i’m afraid of running short on words,but as a music audiophile, or a rock guitarist who is on the fence about michael,run tommorow to your fave record store and pick up a copy of this album,you will be happy with what blasts from your speakers.THANX FOR THE LISTEN

    Posted on December 15, 2009