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  • The Michael Schenker Group and the follow up MSG are classic Schenker. These two discs’ worth of music contain solo’s that are so unique, so inventive, it boggles the mind. Every guitarist should own these recordings. Guitarist after guitarist will site Michael as being a major influence. Tracks like “on and on” and “attack of the mad axeman” have such authority, passion, and blistering speed, it is hard to imagine that someone is that familiar with their instrument. If you’ve never heard Michael before, he is not like Yngvie Malmstein where he’s one measure into the solo and you’ve heard every trick he has got! Michael crafts his solo’s like mini compositions. Simply awesome. On these recordings, he had great players, the songs are fairly standard rock compositions (a la Rainbow, UFO), but the guitar work will leave you shaking your head in wonder. If you need new inspiration for your playing, or you’ve just accepted the line that Eddie Van Halen is the end-all, be-all inguitar playing, pick up this collection from Amazon and listen to a guy that was blowing minds while Van Halen was still in junior high school!

    Posted on December 15, 2009