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  • This is simply a collection great rock music. Michael Schenker is a brilliant guitarist who never got his just due, but who consistently laid down some of the finest guitar solos on record. You would be hard-pressed to find more melodic, firey and emotional playing in the 20 or so years since some of the earliest tracks on this disc were recorded. Above all else, Schenker was a student of his overall tone, an excellent mid-wah that produced a tight, soaring sound. Try to understand the skill and feeling behind the final bars of “I Want More” or “Mad Axeman”. Moreover, the blistering solo midway thru “On And On” is juxtaposed perfectly with the baroque, harpsichord melody of the main theme. By itself, the solo stands out as an archetype of blues-based metal riffing. This is great stuff. As well, the excellent vocals, and thunderous and dead-on drumming by Carmine Apice (of the John Bonham thump-TAP school) complete a killer sound. In the early 80’s, Schenker and Eddie VH were the reason I picked up guitar in the first place. Surprisingly, Michael Schenker seems to have stood the test of time a little better than his rival. If you are a believer in straight-up hard rock, save some space on your shelf for this one.

    Posted on December 16, 2009