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Machine Head

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  • So, this is the shape of music to come eh? Take an excellant, superbly recorded and mixed album from 30 years ago and make it sound like it was just done yesterday. Without a doubt the greatest breakthrough in music since the first CD was pressed. 6.0 sound track, 5.1 soundtrack, and for those who don’t want to know what they’re missing, 2.0 soundtrack. All in Dolby Digital All with highs so crisp they cut like a knife. All with bass so intense if you walk in front of your subwoofer you will do yourself an injury. And all with every nuance of the music brought out in crystal clear clarity. The DVD contains the 7 original tracks plus the bonus 45rpm flipside of When A Blind Man Cries. Add to this video of the band playing Highway Star and Lazy from the Danish TV in 1971 and you have one special little package. Too bad it dosen’t have the alternate tracks and out-takes from the 25th anniversary CD, then it would have been perfect. If you want to hear your music sound like the soundtrack from a modern movie buy this DVD. You will need a DVD player marked with the DVD AUDIO label in order to play the videos or the 6.0 tracks. If you don’t have one, the 5.1 is just as effective for seperation and effect. There are quite a few other albums in Deep Purple’s discography that I would like to see recieve this treatment. Shall we say, all of them!

    Posted on December 3, 2009