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Machine Head

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  • Some of the previous reviewers are a bit confused about the format of this disc. It is a DVD Audio disc, not a regular DVD Video disc. Yes, it DOES have video material, but you can only see it and hear it with one of the new DVD Audio players. These players have six-channel surround and the audio is recorded at a much higher sampling rate than standard DVDs and CDs. To get the full effect you will also need a surround sound stereo that has inputs for external surround decoders. If you only have a standard DVD video player with Dolby Digital surround, you will be able to hear a lower-fidelity version for this format, but you won’t get to see the video content or hear the higher quality audio version.For the record, I have not purchased this particular disc, but I do have the ELP Brain Salad Surgery audio DVD. It poses the same difficulty: video features and higher quality sound are not accesible on a regular DVD player.

    Posted on December 3, 2009