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  • First I must say, I was very disappointed when I heard Koichi left the band. I think Tripp will be a decent replacement, but still not quite as good as the latter. I also need to stress that Tripp did none of the recordings for Machine, Static did the lead guitar (if you don’t believe me, go to, go to Static-X’s page and there is an interview about the release).Now, let me say this has alot of emphasis on base and techno, the guitars are still strong, but not as up front as on Wisconsin Death Trip. I like the change of pace alot, as it shows that this isn’t just a carbon copy as some bands have done.On to the songs. As far as the best tracks on the album (in my opinion) they are: Machine, This is Not, Permanence, Get to the Gone, Structural Defect, Otsego Undead (which sounds alot better than on the Dracula 2000 soundtrack), Black and White, Burn to Burn, … in a Bag, and Cold (I’m not much one for slow songs).Now, all in all, this is an excellent follow-up. A slight change of pace, a little bit more techno, a little less guitar-heavy. Honestly, it hasn’t left my CD Player since I got it the weekend after release. Its just the stuff to get me up for work.

    Posted on February 28, 2010