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  • Having not purchased the “Wisconsin Death Trip” CD, Static-X’s first release, I cannot judge their new CD, “Machine” by those standards. However, I believe this CD is still great. Others have questioned the placement of the first track, “Bien Vendos”, but I find it amusing. It is composed of happy music, clapping, and the sounds of laughing individuals, obviously having a great time. Then, without warning, it cuts to the loud scream of the start of “Get to the Gone,” the second best track on the album. The transition is just funny.”Permanence” and “Black and White” seem to register the same with me, as both have their own unique sounds, but neither really hits it with me as “This is Not” and “Get to the Gone.”As far as “This is Not” is concerned, it is simply the best song on the album. If you did not download the song from, I suggest you do so. If you hate the song, this album is definately not for you.Anyway, the remainder of the tracks have their own unique sound and are fantastic. “Cold” and “Olsego Undead”, despite their lack of heavy lyrics, are pretty great songs. If you are a fan of slower music, these songs are great to listen to. Sort of an intermission, so to speak. But then, with “Burn to Burn”, “Structural Defect”, and “Machine” following, the heavy riffs continue. I think “Burn to Burn” and “Machine” rank in the top songs on this album, only falling short to “This is Not” and “Get to the Gone.”Finally, the outro, “A Dios Alma Perdida”, serves as another intermission of sorts. It is an interesting song to listen to after having listened to the entire CD’s heavy riffs. Great CD.

    Posted on February 28, 2010