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  • With Static-X’s debut album “Wisconsin Death Trip” being such a success, a second album was eagarly anticipated. “Machine” is no doubt a quality release, however in no way lives up to the genius of “Wisconsin Death Trip”. Tripp, although displaying many inovative talents on guitar, in my opinion doesn’t successfully fill the void that Koichi left (I still can’t figure out why he left…). Many songs on the album also leave the listener “hanging”, never really developing or excelling into it’s full potential, kinda like a joke with no punch-line. Ken’s drums hit harder for more bass (plus), however Tripp is not as heavy as Koichi was, and Wayne’s vocals don’t display as much variety and range as they did in “Wisconsin Death Trip”. However “Machine” is still a great, dynamic album, but in no way challenges the greatness of “Wisconsin Death Trip”.

    Posted on February 28, 2010