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Made In Japan: The Remastered Edition

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  • This is the only live document of Mark 2 Deep Purple you’ll ever need. The superb improvisational skills of each member of the band are constantly on display; these are long sprawling jams travelling at breakneck speed. I can’t even begin to describe how enjoyable this record is to listen to. Sure, these songs are incredibly long but excess was what hard rock in the 1970s was all about. Each band member shines here.

    There is one thing about this package that is a little bit confusing, though. Even though I do own the 25th Anniversary Edition, the edition I own contains remastered versions of the studio tracks played here live. I have looked but I can’t seem to find it. That’s a good thing, however. I felt the studio tracks were somewhat unnecessary and detracted from the whole experience, anyway. Buy this set now, especially because it doesn’t have the annoying and somewhat superfluous remastered studio tracks.

    What’s the long and the short of all this, I hear you ask? It is that no self-respecting hard rock fan or Deep Purple fan should be without this set. 100% classic!

    Posted on February 17, 2010